Strong is the New Sexy

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4Y5A1143Nothing makes me happier than watching strong become in fashion. Every time I see “strong is the new sexy” on social media, I smile. This is the message we want out there. Strong is empowering, and I’m starting to hear it from my clients more often. A few weeks ago, one of them said she didn’t care about being skinny anymore. It was more important to her to be strong. I basically jumped for joy when that came out of her mouth! Finally, it’s sinking in.

Exercise is an important aspect of health. If provides so many benefits, many or most of which are not ones we can see with the eye. Of course as humans, we will always want to do what we can to look good in a bathing suit or jeans. I get it. I’ve been there too. But at some point people need to embrace their bodies, especially when weight is not an issue. Obviously, anyone needing to lose weight on a doctors order, needs to focus on that.

If wanting to look good for a specific event or just because, brings you to me, that’s great. I’m happy to work towards a goal with you. What I’m seeing as a result is people recognizing that it feels really good to feel strong. And how they look many times ends up taking a back seat to how they feel.

Truth be told, and I know many people don’t want to hear this, that layer of fat you want to get rid of or those last 10 pounds you’re trying to shed, is only going away with diet changes. What you eat has such an impact on your body. Not new news, I know. But it’s really important to recognize.

So look at exercise in a different way. Strength comes in many forms. You feel strong when you can pick up that huge jug of water for the cooler. Or when you need to lift a child up and you feel no pain in your back. Maybe even just being able to walk an extra mile. Nothing is worse than that feeling of helplessness. But when you recognize the strength that exercise is giving you, you feel good, like you’ve accomplished something. And no one can take that away from you.

My hope is that “strong is the new sexy” is in its infancy. We need to continue to shift our focus from skinny to other things that empower us. And exercise can do just that. Start focusing on how you feel when you leave a class or session with a trainer. And let us know your thoughts on this topic.

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