Maintain A Workout Schedule This Summer? No Problem!

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Having a schedule is something we often dream of forgoing. We could do what we want, when we want. The world is our oyster! However, when it comes to maintaining consistent workouts and reaching healthy goals, sometimes a schedule is just what the doctor ordered.

Having what you are doing for a physical activity each day, as well as when and where it’s happening takes out a lot of the frustration out. It is just a normal part of our day, not something we remember we should be doing when it is too late…

So what happens when the school year ends and suddenly schedules change for both parents and students? How do we maintain a consistent schedule when a major part of our scheduled lives is removed from the equation?

Here are a few ideas:

1.  Find one day a week to get outside and move then schedule it in like you would anything else. The weather is nice to that excuse is off the table. By getting outside you will not only increase your endorphins, but also get some much needed vitamin D. Taking time for yourself by grabbing the ipod and hitting the hiking trails is an act of meditation. We must always be kind enough to ourselves to remember that we need a moment to just be on our own, moving our muscles and letting our brains relax. This must be put in like an appointment or a meeting, not as an option if you feel like it. We get tired and brush off our workouts like they are an option. Physical movement will wake you up and your health is a necessity! Take advantage of the season and treat yourself!

2.  If suddenly you find that much of your free time is free time with kids in tow, find a way to work out at home. Establish your workout hour, for example maybe it’s every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am. Find an online workout channel you connect with.

DVD’s can be a fun challenge as well- make your goal be to complete the DVD workout on these days for 6 weeks and see what happens!

Some of our favorite short workouts that can help you get ready for summer sports (or summer swimsuits) are:

Pilates Hips, Thighs and Glutes

Core Connect:  Intermediate Ab Workout

3.  Take your mat to the park and post up!  This can be something fun to do with kids or friends. Bring your favorite tear outs from a fitness magazine and try out the moves by making it a fun activity, not a chore. Grab some fresh summer fruit (like ripe strawberries, yum!) some coconut water, yoga mats and a picnic blanket. Now go find a spot under a tree!

If you have an iPad or phone that you want to follow along with, you could workout along with Andrea and her some of her favorite routines in her app “Perfect Pilates Body”  (iPhone/iTunes or Android/GooglePlay).

 4.  If you have a bike and you live in a bike friendly area, opt to ride your bike places instead of driving. A car may seem easier because it is routine, but saving gas and getting some exercise can be such a pleasure! This isn’t always an option because of weather, so celebrate the season by dusting off those handlebars!

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