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Gift yourself with a Strong YOU

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The holidays are notorious for bringing not only a festive mood, but also a tendency to lean toward a lavish and excessive couple of months. We eat more than we should, choose to eat lots of high calorie treats, drink more, and have a less regimented lifestyle. By that I mean, our day to day changes as we make travel plans and fill our weeks with celebratory events. This is great, and what makes the holiday season so much fun!fit-girl

However, your body does take a hit.

We eat healthy foods and exercise to look good, there’s no denying that, but more importantly we must make these choices so we stay healthy and strong. We must help our systems to function as effectively as possible. Without our bodies, we have nothing.

This holiday season, as you spend extra money on gifts for other people, think of yourself. I know it’s hard to do, thinking of our loved ones and buying them things makes us happy, and I’m with you on that. I love giving gifts to others far more than receiving gifts. It’s thrilling to think of making someone happy!

Taking a moment to appreciate and love yourself is a surprisingly difficult task. Choosing to put the work in to be strong through physical fitness is also a choice and one that we can easily brush aside. Choosing to eat the healthy option over the delicious high calorie or sugary choice is also difficult.

So this holiday season, I’m recommending something. Think of yourself for a moment. Gift yourself with a class to a yoga studio you love, or the new spin studio that opened down the street. Buy a workout DVD and establish 5 days and times that you will complete the workout in the DVD. Completing these established workouts feels great- it kinda gives you the feeling you get when you gift someone a present that you know will be a hit. It’s exhilarating and you feel proud of yourself. Add two moments of feeling proud and excited to your winter months: giving gifts to others and completing your gifted workouts.

By gifting yourself with fitness, you will not only find a way to survive the holidays without totally letting yourself go, but additionally create healthy habits that are seamlessly a part of your lifestyle. The choice to gift yourself is so important. We must love and take care of our bodies to our full extent because no one else will. So make that choice, have fun trying something new. The happier and stronger you are, the happier and stronger your life is.

Happy holidays!

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