4 Point Butt Blast Workout

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There is never a lack of requests to work out my clients butt, a.k.a. tush, derriere, booty, bum, glutes, seat or any other nickname you may use. And honestly, I’m okay with it. People sit too much which means all those butt muscles get underused and weak.

The butt is made up of 3 main muscles, the gluteus maximus (the largest muscle in your body), gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. I do my best to make my clients workouts as effective and efficient as possible. Why target one muscle when there are exercises that will recruit many. This 4 point butt blast workout targets the three main butt muscles as well as the inner thighs.

If you have access to a ballet barre, then you’ll want to use that for balance. If not, no worries, you can do all the below exercises with a chair or even a counter top. Whatever you use should come up to right around the top of your pelvis. It’s okay if it’s a little taller or shorter.

1. Knee bend with relevé


a. Stand tall with barre (or chair) to your left, legs together, left hand on barre and right hand on hip.

b. Lift  heels off floor, press legs firmly together, keep spine long and bend (see photo to right) and straighten legs. Repeat 16 times.

c. After last rep, hold at 90 degree angle and pulse. Repeat 8-16 times.

Tips: Go as low as can safely when bending knees. To modify keep heels down throughout exercise and/or limit range of motion of knees. Keep shoulders over hips the whole time with abs pulled in towards spine, and gaze forward. Imagine pressing a piece of paper between inner thighs to keep them together.

2. Second postion Pliés with variation


a. Stand tall with barre (chair) to right, right hand on barre and left hand on hip.Turn legs out and open them a little wider than shoulders.

b. Lift heels off floor, keep spine long, bend (see photo to right) and straighten legs. Track knees over second toe, and keep shoulders over hips. Repeat 8-16 times then lower heels.

*For an extra challenge keep your heels up, bend your knees halfway and pulse 16 times.

c. Stay in wide turn out position, move left foot forward a few inches, bend and straighten legs. Repeat 8 times. Then bring right foot forward (see photo below) a few inches. Repeat 8 times.








Tips: Lower your heels to modify exercise. Only bend knees to a place that’s challenging but safe. To help track knees over second toe focus on pressing thighs out. As you stand tall focus on engaging butt muscles.

Stretch to do after both sides: Face the barre (chair) and bring legs together, bend right knee and grab right ankle with right hand to stretch quad. Keep right knee in towards left knee. Repeat with left leg.

3. Attitude pulses to the back


a. Stand with barre (chair) to left, both legs are turned out and straight, right leg reaches back, right arm reaches straight up towards the sky. Slightly lean forward and lengthen tailbone.

b. Hover right foot off floor and bend right knee (see photo to right). Keep leg a few inches off the floor and pulse up. Focus on moving leg from the glute medius (side butt). Repeat 16 times.

c. Turn around so the barre is to the right and repeat step b with the left leg back.

Tips: Lengthen tailbone to protect low back and maintain focus in butt area. Keep supporting leg long. Keep the turnout in the moving leg.

4. Hip extension diagonally to the barre


a. Stand with the barre (chair) to left, left forearm on bar, right hand on hip, right leg back with knee and foot flexed, left knee bent (see photo to right).

b. Pulse right heel towards sky, keep hips square. Focus on movement coming from your butt. Repeat 16 times.

c. Turn around so barre is to the right and repeat step b with left leg back.

Tips: Pull belly button to spine to keep low back long. Keep gaze forward. Keep movement small to isolate the butt muscles. Press forearm into barre to help keep extension in upper back.

Stretch to do after both sides: Stand to face barre (chair), cross right ankle over left knee, flex right foot, and sit back to stretch hips, hold for 3 full breaths. Repeat with left ankle over right knee.

5. Buddha squats into side leg series

a. Stand with barre (chair) to the left an arms distance away, legs turned out and together. Step the right foot out so legs are a little wider than shoulder width and place hands together in front of heart.

b. Squat down and up 8 times (see photo below).








c. Parallel the legs, squat one time then reach left forearm towards barre as right leg lifts and right arm reaches over right leg (see photo below). Then go back to the squat with hands together in front of heart. Repeat 8 times.IMG_7568

*For an added challenge, stay at the barre after the 8th rep. Bring right hand to hip, keep right leg parallel and pulse up 8 times. Next, circle leg in one direction 8 times then the other direction 8 times. If you’re wanting more of a burn, bring your knee to your chest then stretch back out long, repeat 8 times.

d. Turn around so the barre (chair) is to the right and repeat steps a-c.

Tips: Be mindful of spine the whole time. When doing steps a and b keep shoulders over hips. When doing step c keep hips forward and belly button pulled back to spine. Create length from crown of head to toes.

Stretch to do after both sides: Stand facing the barre, cross the right ankle over the left knee, flex the right foot, sit back to stretch hips, hold for 3 full breaths. Repeat with the left ankle over the right knee.

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