Six Secrets of the Fantastically Fit

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Admit it, we all browse through pictures on pinterest, instagram, or even magazines that we don’t want to read at the supermarket checkout, and we look at these super fit people with rockin’ bodies and think, “I wonder what they are doing to look like that…”

They are our fitspiration.

It’s easy to get discouraged or assume they have some sort of miracle vitamin then write it off as such. It’s simply an unattainable goal that we should just scratch before we ever give it a shot, yeah? A level of health and fitness that we just weren’t meant to achieve, correct? To that I say- NOPE!

I’m here as your friendly neighborhood private fitness instructor to let you in on a few secrets of what the incredibly fit are doing that the rest of us maybe aren’t. People who are awe-inspiringly fit are working just as hard as anyone to get where they are and continue to work to maintain it. Here are a few secrets practiced by the fantastically fit and and how they achieve such flaunt-worthy physiques: 

1. Make it a DATE!

By loosely telling yourself you will make it to that yoga class later, you are in a way already giving yourself an out. You will go IF you aren’t too tired, or maybe you should get home to start dinner, actually come to think of it, maybe your hamstring is a bit too sore…? Better to just pass the exit and keep driving home. Sound familiar? Thought so. Before the week begins, make your workout schedule and make reasons why you must commit- call a friend and arrange to meet them there. Trying a fun fitness class, going on a walk around the neighborhood or a sunset bike ride are just some simple ways to maximize getting friend time in as well as ensuring you go get your workout in.

2. Eat Seasonal Food

Healthy people make a point to eat the fruits and vegetables that are in season. Go to your local farmers market and see what looks tasty. There are also a plethora of produce delivery services that will leave fresh fruits and veggies on your doorstep. (My favorite is There are many benefits to eating what’s in season, but here are a few: It tastes better! The produce is not shipped from far away or grown in a hothouse. By being freshly harvested, they maintain much more of the flavor and nutrients. Getting produce that tastes great will make you more inclined to eat more of it. Finding new produce that you are less familiar with also encourages you to cook more creatively and get a range of vitamins and nutrients, not just the few you are used to regularly cooking. Healthy people can be easily spotted in their yoga pants and sneakers walking around the farmers markets with big baskets busting at the seams with fruits and veggies! That’s not a coincidence, this is a healthy habit they have created that is adding to their fit physiques.

3. Find what makes you MOVE

Not everyone has the same interests in fitness styles- I for one have never been much for running. I know I run improperly because I always feel it in my knee and I just flat out don’t enjoy it. If I decided to run as my form of fitness (based on the fact that other people do it), I’d never be able to stick with it. Healthy people have investigated the world of fitness- yoga, running, gym memberships, bootcamp classes, Pilates, dance, swimming, etc. and figured out what they actually enjoy doing. This will be a major player in your longevity. At the end of the day, consistency is key so find something you will want to stick with.

4. Find what makes you GROOVE

Make a playlist of songs that make you move and groove. That’s right, I mean the songs that come on the radio in the car and you begin doing dance moves to while driving. The moves that are purely organic and would never be displayed if someone was sitting shotgun. Those are the songs you need to fill your iPod with and put on while you get outside for a walk, hitting the gym, going for a run, etc. Music creates endorphins which make you happy and will connect you emotionally to your workout.

5. Drink Water

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard that. Well guess what? As someone who privately trains clients all day I can tell you I regularly, I’m talking at LEAST once a day, hear someone say they forgot to drink water that day. You MUST drink water. It is essential for the nourishment of your body and mind. Here are a few reasons why: It increases energy (allowing you to not flake on your workout), relieves fatigue, promotes regularity, flushes out toxins, promotes weight loss, improves skin complexion, puts you in a good mood, helps sleep, boosts your immune system, and more. So yeah, drinking a good ¾ gallon of water a day could absolutely change your body, emotional state and happiness.

 fit-girls-500-76. Get sleep

Healthy people have been aware of this for eons. Without sleep, everything goes down the drain. If you are tired, your body becomes lethargic. You eat less healthy food because it is what your exhausted brain craves. You drink less water because you are unaware of the essential basic necessities when less mentally. You flake on your workout because it’s the last thing you want to do, and you are more likely to sit on the couch. Attempt to stop working and communicating with the outside world by 10pm. Give your brain a cut off time and force it to wind down and turn off. Go out and enjoy a glass of wine or dinner with a friend, but make sure you are home in time to give your brain that same cut off of turning off time. Creating a healthy sleep habit will in turn affect the productivity of the rest of your day and be the leading factor for you creating healthy habits. Do those healthy fit people look exhausted? Do they look like the skipped a workout? Nope, because they got their sleep, woke up and showed the day who’s boss.

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