Living A Double Life

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When I hear that someone was “living a double life,” my mind immediately jumps to an Oprah episode where she discussed men who have two families. These men had wives and children in different towns who didn’t know the other existed. To that I say, “Whaaaa??!” Beyond the obvious craziness and issues there, how do they have time?! I sometimes find it difficult to get my errands done after work and still have time to spend quality time my boyfriend, friends, cook the meals I want, etc.

Living a Double LifeHaving passions that are totally unrelated to work should not be a fleeting thought-they should be a necessity! Loving what you do for work is spectacular. To that I say, well done on following your dreams!

Immersing yourself in things you love that are unrelated to your career can actually re-inspire you and make you better at your job. Spark your creativity. Invigorate yourself. Remind yourself that your attention and love can be in multiple places at once. This will allow your brain a moment of release from thinking over the same issues, problems, and focal points of your job.

By making your brain re-focus on those things that make the little kid in you light up and grin that goofy grin, you are making yourself happier and more apt to dishing that happiness out in life. It can and will increase your passion in your love life and make you a better friend.

Go to your kickboxing class and live it up as if your job is as a UFC fighter. Go to the farmers market and grab fresh produce to whip up your special someone a dinner as if you are a chef and the future of the food network relies on you. What other job could there be? Oh that office job you have? No that doesn’t exist on Sunday night, you’re just a super famous chef!

The easiest thing is to get stuck in your day to day routine. By making our LIFE our full time job, we suddenly have the ability to enjoy every day and every moment that much more. Split our focus and not just be the one person you are day in and day out at work. Summon the time, energy and true commitment to your life. Be the ‘double life husbands’ Oprah discussed! (minus the ‘double life husbands’ part of course…).

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