5 Ways To Be A Kid Again

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IMG_3832The look of complete bewilderment on a child’s face as they stare at a balloon outside a store front will bring a smile to anyone’s face. The way a child can fall down and scrape a knee then get back up and run off in a frenzy of make believe, singing and laughing, is absolutely admirable.

As adults, we envy the basic emotions of children. They eat when hungry, laugh when amused and cry when sad. They have none of the added layers and complications that we accumulate as we age. Like a tree, we add layers of protective bark to our base with the passing of time. How do we live life like a young sapling again, you ask? We do this by looking within. We do this by choosing to fill our lives with more joy and less trepidation.

Here are some of my go-to’s:

1. Run, skip, dance and play.

If you are walking through a park with your friend or partner, try running for no reason. I bet you if you do, your partner will start chasing you and not even know why. I’ll tell you why- we want to play with each other, we have just partially forgotten how to. If you are reading a book in a park with your significant other, put your book down and sumo wrestle-style tackle them. I’m telling you, you are going to end of laughing hysterically and I guarantee for that split second you will forget what’s happening at work.

2. Don’t Hold Back

Kids are loved, admired and scolded for this- by not holding back, you are allowing yourself to act on instinct. As we grow older, we learn to control our impulses which is a necessary adjustment. However, if you think of a funny joke while at a dinner party, say it. Easier said than done, I know. That moment will happen when the joke enters your mind and you push it right out for fear of it not being funny and being “socially rejected.” Say the joke. Let yourself be brave and uninhibited. People will respect you for it.

3. Scratch the traditional “date night.”

Finding your inner “kid joy” with your partner is not only fun, but essential. Learning to be children again will remind you that the little things don’t matter and remember why you’re together in the first place.

Need some ideas? No problem: Have a picnic in the park and play cards, have a video game and pizza night together, throw your partner a bday party with a pinata and bday cake (and maybe just do that anyway for no reason), watch british documentaries and speak in british accents, spend a day betting on everything. There’s no way you aren’t going to be laughing and enjoying yourselves by feeding your inner silly-ness.

4. Listen to your Gut

You know that instantaneous gut reaction we have to things? Yep, listen to it. I am a huge proponent of trying new things- trying new foods, traveling to new places, meeting new people. If we never take a risk by venturing into a world outside what we know, we will never know what we are missing. I ALSO think that we should remind ourselves not to pretend to like things to fit in. Kids won’t eat something they don’t like because they listen to their gut. Live with that mentality in a sense. Live with an adventurous spirit but listen to your unique likes and dislikes. Remember that you are YOU, and to quote Dr. Seuss, “There is no one alive that is Youer than You.”

5. Sometimes leap without looking.

A little boy will blast through a thicket of thistles brandishing a long stick and making strange playful sounds. (I’m a girl, I can only wager a guess at what those battle noises they are making might be)…It is no doubt essential to wager the level of risk involved in anything. Crossing the street, we look both ways. These are necessary basic life skills. However, being brave enough to take a chance is necessary for any change in life. If you are nervous to go on the blind date your co-worker set up, that is totally normal, but they may be the love of your life. I met the love of my life on a blind date I had wanted to cancel. The little risks we take in life are what lead to great stories, great memories and open new possibilities.

Conjure the brave little boy brandishing a long stick and go through life with that in the back of your mind. Be brave and know you will always be there to protect yourself if need be.

Be smart, be brave and be daring.

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